The big picture

I am a professional translator, editor and copywriter based in Paris. I translate from French to my native language, English. My background is in fashion, consulting and content development, and I work with European brands to develop their marketing and communications with international English-speaking audiences.

Over the course of 25 years, I have worked in merchandising, design, product development, trend forecasting, editorial, web publishing, marketing and copywriting. I have managed teams of editors, graphic artists, web designers and photographers, and overseen large-scale website launches using custom CMS as well as publication of print titles. So... I get it. I understand the process and the challenges. My clients trust me to comprehend their brand values and convey their unique message with the right words, in the right tone, faithful to the original text and adapted to the medium.

It takes a specialist, fluent in your language and experienced in your industry, to provide accurate, impactful and customized French-to-English translations for B2B and B2C content. I take great pride in working with both iconic brands and individual merchants in the sectors of fashion, food & spirits and art & antiques. They offer the very best to their customers around the world, and they expect nothing less from me.



In French, the definition of nuance is a shade of color; a nuancier displays a range of hues, like on a paint chip. In this context, nuances are visible.

In English, nuance refers to a subtle difference in meaning, expression or sound. Nuance is unseen, but it can be heard.

It's the difference between a word that's almost right and one that hits the mark.


“Le regard moderne sait voir la gamme infinie des nuances.”

“The modern gaze can see the infinite range of nuances.”

Guy de MAupassant